Teeth whitening

The color of tooth enamel is very individual and given to us by nature. At the same time, tooth enamel darkens over the years. The reasons for the alteration of the beautiful white color of the teeth can be different: genetic predisposition, changes in the body due to age, substances in food and drinking water, excessive consumption of tobacco, tea, and coffee, etc.

Home remedies are often not enough to restore the whiteness of your teeth, and this is where specialists and professional teeth whitening come in.

We use photo light and Endo whitening to whiten teeth.

What is Endo whitening?

In the process of Endo whitening, the tooth is filled with a mass that whitens the tooth from the inside, and this method is most often used for a dead tooth with a color pigment different from the live teeth.

What is photo whitening?

The fastest and most effective whitening method for live teeth is photo whitening. Photo whitening can brighten teeth by more than ten shades, is fast and safe for your teeth. Most patients have achieved excellent results with whitening. The result may vary depending on tooth stains, enamel thickness, age, and habits.

Is teeth whitening safe for teeth?

If the teeth and gums are in good condition, the procedure is not dangerous to the teeth. Various tests have shown that tooth whitening is safe for both teeth and gums.

Are there any side effects with the whitening procedure?

Usually, the process is painless. Some patients may develop tooth sensitivity during or after tooth whitening. Clinical trials show that the majority of patients do not experience increased sensitivity. For some, it even diminishes. Usually, the side effects disappear within a few days. If problems still occur, feel free to contact your dentist, who will advise you on products that relieve tooth sensitivity.

How long will the result last?

The result and durability of tooth whitening will vary depending on the structure of your teeth and your personal hygiene and dietary habits. Maintaining good hygiene habits – brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, and regular (1-2 times a year) cleaning your teeth at the clinic (soda cleaning) will give you a lasting, bright smile.

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