Periodontitis, periodontics and laser therapy

Virtually every other Estonian has gum problems. Periodontitis can occur differently according to its degree, starting with banal gum bleeding. At this stage, the process may still be affected. The disease has not damaged the periodontal ligament surrounding the tooth.  It is bound to the adjacent tooth in such a way that the chewing load is evenly distributed over the entire set of teeth and that there is no overload of periodontal tissue.

What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is often referred to as gum disease and is a very common condition where gums and deeper periodontal structures become inflamed. This gum inflammation, which usually manifests itself as redness, swelling, and bleeding while brushing your teeth, is the body’s response to certain bacteria that are allowed to build-up, on your teeth. Although part of the body’s defense system, this inflammatory reaction can eventually cause serious damage. If left unchecked, the inflammation can spread down the gums and along the tooth roots, causing periodontal ligament and supporting bone to be destroyed. Ultimately, this leads to loosening and potential loss of teeth.

Why is the timely treatment of periodontitis important?

If periodontitis is not treated on time, the periodontal ligament will break down, and a periodontal pocket will form, which will accumulate dental plaque and tartar and stimulate further development of the process. Periodontal tissues (gums and bone around the tooth) break down, and the tooth begins to move, losing bone support in the jaw. Changes in the position of the teeth and the formation of gaps can also be noticed at this stage.

Once the teeth have begun to move, have changed their position, or come out of the gums, they are unfortunately no longer able to be rescued and need to be removed. Years ago, the only solution for patients at this stage was plate denture. Today, however, we are able to provide unique “Teeth in a day” treatment, which you can read more about here.

Complex laser treatment of periodontitis

Laser treatment of gums is the prevention of periodontitis. With a laser, the dentist removes pathologically altered tissues. Laser radiation also kills pathological microflora, thereby disinfecting periodontal tissue from harmful bacteria. The condition of the gums stabilizes, and the tissues heal. Laser treatment helps stabilize the situation and prolong the life of the teeth. This procedure is called laser curettage.

After laser treatment, a photocoagular film is formed, which acts as a biological barrier and prevents bacterial invasion and promotes the closure of periodontal pockets.

NB! Before the procedure, it is necessary to carry out a soda wash of teeth in order to clean the plaque and tartar.

How long does periodontal treatment last?

It is important to know that the treatment is given at least three times every two weeks. Otherwise, the correct result cannot be achieved. We recommend that you repeat the treatment every six months or more frequently as recommended by your dentist.

In each specific case, an individual treatment plan is drawn up, and the implementation may take between 1 and 5 appointments, and the result is already visible after the first session.

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