Periodontics and laser treatment

Almost every second person in our country has a problem of periodontitis.

Periodontitis can be expressed in different ways depending on the stage, but everything can begin with banal bleeding gums. At this stage, the process is still reversible – the periodontal ligament is not affected. It surrounds the tooth and binds it to the adjacent teeth, so that chewing pressure is distributed evenly throughout the dental arch and no overload occurs in the periodontal tissues.

Without treatment, the process goes deeper, the periodontal ligament is destroyed and a periodontal pocket appears, in which, in turn, the plaque and tartar accumulate and stimulate the further progress of the process. The periodontal tissues (gum, bone tissue surrounding the tooth) are destroyed and the tooth begins to wobble loosing its bony pillars in the jaw. At this stage, change in teeth location may also be observed, as well as appearance of gaps between them.

The majority of patients, at this stage, receive shocking recommendations – to extract the teeth and place removable dentures. But, fortunately, modern technologies allow to successfully rehabilitate such patients. The use of a modern complex laser program of treatment of periodontitis enabled strengthening even the most movable teeth and, which is the most important, preventing the further development of the process.

One of the main components of this program is laser scaling. With the use of thin laser light guides, the dental tartar and plaque are removed from periodontal pockets; the periodontal tissue is sterilized from pathogenic bacteria.

After the laser exposure, a special photocoagulative film is formed, which serves as a biologic dressing and prevents the tissue from the repeated propagation of pathogenic bacteria and contributes to closure periodontal pockets.

In every particular case, the program may consist of one or several stages. All its accomplishment does not require much time (1 to 5 visits) and the result is notable just after the first session.
Lasers are actively used in dentistry. With their help, we may perform procedures and treatment that require special accuracy, e.g. cleansing of the root canals, teeth whitening, gum treatment, and so on.

Also, with the use of laser, herpes, stomatitis, alveolitis and pericoronitis may be treated.

At our clinic, you also may perform frenoloplasty of the labial frenulum or the lip.

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