Our dentists consider the individual approach to patients very important. We would like your visit to always be a pleasant experience. We always offer high-quality dental care.

Did you lose your teeth due to age or illness, are you wearing total dentures or old crowns? Or do you have a denture, but you cannot wear it? Have you for years dreamed of new teeth, but allegedly you have little bone, and therefore implantation is impossible? We have a solution for you!

To make sure your teeth will stay healthy and beautiful for a longer time, it is important to avoid major dental problems even before they occur. We will help you find your best care products and, if necessary, a treatment plan.

Prosthetics and implantation help to restore missing, defective, and broken teeth or teeth with severe caries damage. Both single crowns and multiple-unit dentures can be installed, supporting them both on your teeth and on implants.

Why Choose Happy Smile Dental Care?

With our dental care, you can get all your services in one place. We have a separate operating room for complex procedures as well as an on-site facility for X-rays and diagnostics.

The quality of the dentist is guaranteed by the increased numbers of training and continuous self-improvement. All this in order to provide the most modern service possible!

Happy Smile Dental Care is one of the first dental practices in Estonia that deals with the immediate loading of rehabilitation of the entire jaw. If, as usual, the doctor installs the implants and fixes the prosthesis only six months later, we will have the denture fixed the day after the installation of the implant.

Dr. Sergey Žžonov

Since my childhood, I have dreamed of helping and rescuing people. Already at the end of basic school, I realized that my vocation was to be a dentist because this profession would combine both of my dreams.

In dentistry, I like the fact that every customer is different and everyone can be approached personally. I like to help people and see how their smile changes; I like satisfied and relaxed customers when their  problems get solved, and there is no more pain. I like it when patients laugh!

“I have been to Israel and Germany for over two years to learn this new method. Each method has its own contraindications and risks, so the consultation helps the patient understand everything and make an informed decision. ”

I wish my patients a healthy and beautiful smile!

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What customers say about us

What our customers say about us

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