In order to keep your teeth nice and healthy as long as possible, you need to have regular examinations to prevent major problems related to the dental health.

Airflow or pearl whitening (also known as Baking Soda Whitening) is a painless procedure, during which dental plaque and pigment are removed.

Removing of dental deposits using ultrasound.

The plaque caused by tea, coffee, smoking is removed; at that, the dental enamel is not damaged. The teeth become whiter. During our life, the teeth are exposed to various food and non-food colourings. As a result, their darkening becomes visible. Also, soft deposits that exist in the oral cavity for a long time are mineralized during the life and become dental tartar. They, in turn, press the gums; and on the gums, decubitus ulcers, gingival pockets appear, as well as fetid breath that cannot be “killed” by chewing-gum or by other means. The dental enamel is weakened, and prerequisites for caries appear.

Earlier, for removal of concrements, the dentists used manual instruments – all kinds of hooks of different lengths and widths. The procedure was painful. With the appearance of the Air Flow system, the removal of dental plaque became an absolutely painless manipulation.

Clinical studies have confirmed the safety and efficacy of this technique for the removal of dental plaque for hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

The advantages of this technique are obvious. Teeth are cleaned by air stream with a mixture of powder and water under pressure, cleaning the tooth surfaces without the use of tools and without damaging the tooth enamel.

The teeth are covered by Phtorlac varnish to avoid the development of tooth decay and decrease the sensitivity. The use of the varnish is recommended only after age 6.

Polishing of the teeth by the professional paste will help do away with dark stains and small amount of the plaque, which are difficult to be removed in the process of home hygiene.

Dental tartar is a very often problem in patients. In hard-to-reach places, where it is impossible to brush by an usual tooth brush, the dental deposits accumulate, which, with time, are mineralized forming hard dental tartar. The presence of the tartar leads to inflammation of gums and, at the worst, to the bone tissue destruction. That is why the dental tartar should be removed by a dentist. If desired, the procedure may be performed under anesthesia.

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