Root Canal Treatment

If the carious process has gone so far that has affected the neurovascular bundle of the tooth (the so-called. “nerve”), there is a need for endodontic treatment: removal of the “nerve” followed by canal filling. And then, the decisive factor that determines the success of treatment and its long-term results is the quality of the tooth canal filling. Before now, to treat pulpitis, arsenic was used: the nerve was “killed” for a few days, then, its remains were removed ant the tooth was filled. Nowadays, treatment is possible during one visit: effective anesthesia, removal of the pulp, medicamentous treatment of the root canals, their filling. Quality of canal filling is the key to the subsequent health of the tooth, as periodontitis often develops in the teeth with poorly cured root canals. For treatment of pulpitis (tooth canals), in our clinic, we use a modern technique of filling the tooth with gutta-percha. It is filled into the root, and when cooling, closes all the pores and ramifications; gutta-percha shuts off all the possible for germs accesses to the tooth.

We must remember that the roots, that’s the main thing in the tooth. They are the foundation of the future artificial tooth, for the construction of which there are different possibilities. Again, it is important to undergo the root canal up to the top and to “seal” the outlet by therapeutic paste with antiseptic. The technique is safe, effective, and easy to be corrected. Considering that modern technology can replace the old and worn dentures and fillings, it becomes clear how important a good, solid “foundation” is, which, actually, is the root filled properly.

Treatment of periodontitis (including previously treated canals)

Unfortunately, we often have to deal with such situations when either due to the fault of the patient who did not seek for medical help timely for assistance or because of poorly performed canal filling, the tooth starts to ache, hurt when biting, respond slowly to cold, there is a characteristic sense of “grown teeth”, bad smell and other symptoms of periodontitis – an inflammation of the tooth root. But you should not hurry to remove such a tooth: in modern endodontics, there is a whole line of products and techniques that allow to cure and save those seemingly “hopeless” teeth from the point of view of the twentieth century dentistry. This, of course, does not mean that you can save any no matter how much neglected root, but again I want to say: do not hurry with the removal.

The price for the root canal treatment consists of several positions; during the consultation the doctor specifies the cost of treatment.

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