Laser dentistry is the most rapid, effective and sterile way of the surgical intervention, in most cases without bleeding, more precise and preserving healthy tissues, decreasing postoperative inconveniences and stress.

The absence of the direct contact of the instruments with the tissue during surgical intervention excludes the possibility of contamination. During the surgery, the patient has no stress, since he or she does not see the conventional scalpel. In addition, laser radiation seals the blood vessels in the point of exposure, which allows to have a practically bloodless incision. After laser surgeries a quick healing occurs – several times quicker as compared to a conventional surgery with the use of a scalpel.

Besides, the use of the laser allows to perform a very gentle treatment of the surface without removing superfluous tissue. Another argument for the laser is absolute sterility. The laser radiation kills the pathologic microflora. This means that the patient will not have to sit in the chair for a long time; the cavity remains sterile and does not require a long antiseptic preparation.

One of the most common prejudices is that dental surgery is only for the removal of teeth. This is a surgeon who will save the tooth, correct a “short” frenulum of upper lip that impairs the speech. The frenectomy with the use of the laser yields an immediate result. It is known how much trouble “wisdom teeth” bring to people; the surgeon will help to solve this problem, and everything will be done with the maximum convenience for you.

At the present time, the main task of dentistry is to save teeth. If in previous times, in any complicated case, the tooth was extracted, nowadays, dentists do all their possible to avoid it.

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