Treatment of tooth decay / Fillings

If the tooth decay is not treated timely, than “mild” caries may start to progress rapidly and cause the development of pulpitis, periodontitis and subsequent loss of the tooth! Treatment of caries (pulpitis, periodontitis) begins with a thorough mechanical removal of softened infected tissues, than restoration of lost tissues by dental filling materials is carried out. Modern dental therapy has specific strict requirements for filling materials, such as high strength, small polymerization shrinkage, good polishability and aesthetic qualities, biocompatibility with dental tissues and other.

Happy Smile Hambaravi Clinic uses for treatment of caries only the most modern materials that meet all these requirements. It is worth adding that the modern filling materials, for their strength and resistance to stress, come close to the properties of the dental enamel. And the adhesive force of the materials with the dental tissues is comparable with the tensile strength of the tooth itself. Thus, a loss of modern filling becomes uncommon.

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