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Täpsem protseduuride ja teenuste maksumus selgub individuaalse konsultatsiooni käigus.

Appointment fee 10
Consultation with treatment plan 35-100
Digital X-ray 10
Surface anesthesia 5
Anesthesia injection 10
Dental decor installation 30
Treatment of tooth with fluoride varnish 25
Polishing of teeth with paste 20
Airflow 60
Removal of tartar (1 tooth) 5
Panoramic X-ray 30
3D X-ray 60
Light-cured filling (tooth structure) 80-160
Light cured filling (small) 50
Light cured filling (medium) 60
Temporary filling 20
Drug exchange in root canals 20
Filling the root canal (1 canal) 30
Filling the root canal (2 canals) 60
Filling the root canal (3 canals) 90
Opening and expansion of root canal (1 canal) 50
Opening and expansion of root canal (2 canals) 60
Opening of root canal (3 canals) 80
Opening and expansion of each subsequent root canal (1 canal) 20
Applying medicine on the nerve 20
Parapulpal pins 15
Installation of root screw 60
Installation of fiberglass pin 120
Tooth extraction 50
Multi-root tooth extraction 80
Difficult tooth extraction 100
Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth (easier) 120
Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth (medium) 130
Surgical extraction of wisdom tooth (difficult) 160
Opening an abscess 20
Placing stitches (1 stitch) 15
Stich removal, wound inspection 15
Surgical wound examination and repair 30
Prosthetic consultation with diagnostic procedure 30-100
Silicone imprint 30
Alginate imprint 25
Bite index, silicone 20
Cast pin 150
Extra pin 30
Full ceramic crown al. 400
Ceramic crown Circonium al. 450
Porcelain pin 300
Partial denture with 1-3 teeth/4 teeth and more 400
Total prosthesis 550
Cast partial denture 550
Simple lock 225
Precise lock 280
Individual spoon 45
Determination of the bite 30
Preparation of occlusion tray 110
Selective grinding of teeth 30
Crown cementation (standard) 10
Crown cementation with composite 30
Re-cementation of the crown 20
Removal of the crown 30
Temporary direct crown 45
Temporary lab crown 150
Ceramic laminate al 350
Post and core under Zno crown 255
Cast frame for denture 150
Reinforcing mesh for denture 60
Laboratory repositioning of the prosthesis 100
Repair of prostheses 100
Adding one tooth 20
Treatment of gums 70
Gingivaloplasty of one tooth with diode laser 10
Frenuloplasty with diode laser 60
Treatment of herpes or aphthi with diode therapy 30
Removal of mucousal excrescent/fibroma by diode laser 30
Laser sterilization of tooth root 10
Opening the abscess with a laser 20
Laser treatment of alveolitis 30
Laser treatment of pericoronaritis 30
Laser treatment of herpes and stomatitis 35
Laser freeing of frenulum of lip or tongue 40
Laser teeth whitening 210
laser teeth whitening (1 tooth) 25
laser teeth whitening (upper arch) 120
laser teeth whitening (lower arch) 120
Sterile covering of the operating table 35
Implant installation 350-600
Growing of bone 200-1000
Sinus lift 300-700
Adding artificial bone 100-300
Membrane placement al. 200
Gum shaper 90
Crown for Zircon implant 710
Temporary crown for implant 400
Teeth in one day (4 below), upper jaw 4000-4500
Teeth in one day (4 below), lower jaw 3500-4000
prosthesis II metal plastic (one tooth arch) 1000
prosthesis II metal-plastic with 3D modeling (one tooth arch) 2000
prosthesis II composite (one tooth arch) 3000
prosthesis II Zircon (one tooth arch) 4000
Teeth in one day (6 below), upper jaw 5000-5500
Teeth in one day (6 below), lower jaw 4500-5000