Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetics help to restore missing, defective, and broken teeth or teeth with severe caries damage. Both single crowns and multiple-unit dentures can be installed.

Our clinic uses only biocompatible technologies and the most up-to-date materials that do not cause allergic reactions, gum inflammation, and a metal taste in the mouth.

We guarantee the highest quality of all prosthetic work!

Prosthetics on implants

Implants are fitted with a prosthetic restoration with individually selected constructions. The crown is attached to artificial support – an implant that is fixed in the bone so that the adjacent teeth will not be damaged.

Bugel prosthesis

Made individually or in combination with metalloceramic crowns. The bugel prosthesis that can be removed from the mouth, i.e., a partial prosthesis. It consists of a plastic tooth, an artificial gum, an invisible metal frame, and an arch. The prosthesis is fastened to the neighboring teeth by means of metal clips and so-called occlusal rest. The prosthesis is fixed very firmly.

One can get used to it several times faster than other prosthetics that can be removed from the mouth. It does not need to be removed overnight. Cleaning of the bugel prosthetics is just like regular dental care – in the morning and in the evening.

Bugel prosthetics are very good for you if you have no occlusal teeth, and  no possibility to install crowns, and you do not wish to install, or there is a contraindication for their installation.

Metalloceramic crowns

Metalloceramic crowns are used both for stand-alone teeth and as a metal-ceramic bridge prosthesis when one or more teeth are missing. Usually, metalloceramic crowns are applied to decayed teeth, which are reinforced with pins or post and core fillings. Such crowns can also help change the color and shape of teeth and replace missing teeth. They are widely used because they provide a long-lasting and safe result.

Temporary crowns

You can be worry-free during major dental work because we install temporary crowns on all clients as needed. Thus, you will be able to carry on with your daily life worry-free during prosthetic work. Temporary crowns are made during the same appointment  and are worn by patients from the time while the tooth is processed until the permanent structure is fixed.

Full ceramic crowns

Metal-free constructions are made of extremely strong porcelain without a metal frame, which gives the final result a good aesthetic appearance. Full ceramic is used to make crowns (tooth is ground completely) and laminates (only tooth surface is ground).

Crowns have a very natural appearance. Thanks to the absence of a metal frame, the crown allows light to pass through, and the tooth has natural transparency. Crowns are fastened with modern adhesives.  This guarantees you a complete imitation of your natural teeth.

Cast post and core

This is one way to keep a very decayed tooth. In order to restore such a tooth with a crown, a strong foundation is needed to support and secure the crown. This is exactly what the post and core do.

Removable dentures, plate dentures

Removable dentures are designed to restore masticatory function and improve aesthetics. They consist of artificial teeth, which are selected in a suitable shape and color, and are attached to an artistic gum, the color of which  matches the patient’s gums. These dentures are attached to neighboring teeth with clips.

In the absence of teeth, the plate denture is attached due to its suction capacity. In this case, the fixation of the denture is not very secure, but it is improved by the placement of implants located on the bone and also on the gum, ending with tiny knobs that will remain under the denture in the future.

During the consultation, your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and recommend the material for the crowns and draw up a treatment plan with deadlines and prices.

If you have any additional questions about prosthetics, feel free to contact us or make an appointment.

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