Prosthetic Dentistry

In our clinic we use exceptionally biocompatible technologies and only the most modern materials, at which the allergic reactions, inflammation of the gums, metallic taste in the mouth are completely absent. 

Implant prosthodontics

Implant prosthodontics with the use of individually selected designs. A crown may rest upon an artificial support –an implant that will be fixed in the bone. That is why the adjacent teeth do not suffer from the crown preparation. The length of the defect is not important, in this case. The more teeth are missing, the more implants are fixed and the more crowns are placed on these implants.

Bracelike (Bugel) Prosthetics

A bugel prosthesis is made single and in combination with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns as well. A bugel or an arch denture is a removable prosthesis It consists of plastic teeth, an artificial gum, metal cellular backing, which is invisible, and of a connective arch. This prosthesis is fixed to the remaining tooth by “hooks” – dental clasps or by ‘locks” – attachments. Such dentures are fixed very firmly and cannot fly out of the mouth by themselves. People get used to them much faster than to other types of removable dentures. They are not removed before bed. They are cleaned two times a day – in the morning and in the evening. In the cases where you have lost lateral teeth, there is no possibility to place crowns, you do not want to place implants or you have any contraindications to them, a bracelike denture will be able to solve the problem of missing teeth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are used both on single teeth and in the form of porcelain-fused-to-metal prosthetic bridge when one or more teeth are absent. Usually, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are installed on the destructed teeth, with are previously strengthened by tooth root inlays or pins. Also, by means of such crowns, the colour, the shape of the teeth can be changed, missing teeth can be replaced. In general, their use is extensive enough and gives a reliable, long-term result.

Temporary crowns

Our patients do not leave us without temporary crowns. They may begin prosthetic procedure without interrupting their usual way of living. Temporary crowns are made on the same day. The patients have them placed from the moment of boring tooth till the moment of cementing the final denture.

Metal–free ceramics

Metal-free dentures are made only of special extra-strong ceramics without adding metal backing, which renders the final denture especially aesthetic. Crowns (complete tooth boring), veneers (boring of the front dental area) made be made of metal-free ceramics.
The crowns look absolutely naturally; due to the absence of the metal, they imitate the inherent translucency of teeth. Fixation of the metal-free crowns on the newest adhesive materials guarantees you a complete imitation of the sensation of your own teeth.

Micro–prostheses using inlays

Making whole piece inlays is one of the options to save much destructed teeth. To restore such a tooth with the use of a crown, a reliable base is needed, on which the crown will be placed; and the inlay serves as such a base.

Removable laminar dentures

Removable laminar dentures are designed for both restoring chewing function and improving the aesthetics. They actually consist of plastic teeth themselves that are selected according to the colour and shape. They are fixed on the so-called basis made of an artificial gum, which is close by colour to the colour of the gum. Such dentures are fixed to the natural teeth by special “hooks” – so-called dental clamps. In the cases where the natural teeth are missing, there is no need in clamps, and the dentures are fixed due to suction capability. Of course, in this case, the fixation of full removable dentures is not the most reliable, but this is corrigible, if implants, which are in the bone and outstand from it and have small “buttons” at the end that will be hidden behind the removable denture, are used as an additional fixation.

If you still have any questions about dentures, we will be glad to see you at the consultation at our clinic.

During the consultation, the dentist will assess the state of your teeth, advise material for crowns, make a plan of treatment and specify the terms and prices for treatment. We will find the best solution just for you.

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